Entwine provides professional services and support for the open source media capture platform, Opencast Matterhorn. Developed by a community of experts from leading international universities, Matterhorn supports the integration of multimedia content into the learning environment enabling institutions to produce, manage, and distribute lecture recordings and providing students with the tools to engage with educational media content. We offer extensive consulting services including customization, integration and professional support to ensure your media capture deployment is a success.


Integrating a successful media capture platform requires a thorough understanding of the users applying the technology. We’ll ask the right questions and guide you through finding the best solutions for your unique needs. Since we know Matterhorn inside out, we are able to offer informed recommendations and unmatched flexibility for every aspect of your media capture project.


While Matterhorn offers an excellent media capture platform out of the box, a bit of expertise and technological understanding is needed to move towards a robust, scalable and managed production environment. Storage options and layout, distributed setup and load balancing, quality assurance and monitoring, all take thoughtful planning and calculated decisions to realize full potential.


Matterhorn was built for customization and offers a wide variety of standards-based APIs allowing for many different types of integration. Entwine stands ready to customize Matterhorn to integrate with third party systems, add custom functionality, ensure custom deployments are implemented in a sustained and scalable manner and play well with the overall architecture.


System administrators, technicians and instructors perform their best if they know their tools. Learning from experienced staff will greatly increase adoption by your staff members and increase comfort in user operation. We offer training on all aspects of system setup and configuration, authoring of custom workflows and encoding profiles as well as managing and operating a running instance.