In today’s increasingly digital and mobile educational environment, our Educational Technology team works with clients to identify technical barriers that prevent the acquisition of knowledge and provide the best possible solutions to facilitate media enhanced learning. The Educational Technologies team views the media capture process as an interconnected set of decisions and understands that often the most difficult problems are often not related to technology. Let our team help you custom tailor a media capture solution that fits your institutions educational requirements.


Often the most difficult part of deploying a media capture system is writing the accompanying policies, release materials and licensing agreements. Our education team has extensive experience and can provide leadership, guidance and use case examples to simplify and expedite the process.


Each institution utilizes a unique set of tools to manage and enhance the educational process including scheduling, learning management systems (LMS) and curriculum systems. Our education team works with the clients technical staff and Entwine engineering to ensure successful Matterhorn integration.


Today’s students, tomorrow’s knowledge worker, demand immediate, on the go access to rich media content playing on mobile devices. Entwine has the experience and expertise that enables clients to successfully integrate Matterhorn and mobile computing to play an integral role in the learning process.


The most important issue influencing faculty and staff to adopt new technology is training. Entwine provides traditional multi-day, small group training methods and goes a step further by offering personal one-on-one mentoring opportunities. Call to discuss the best training for your staff.