Today’s technology systems have the potential to work hand in hand to deliver a seamless platform. Having pioneered technology and media capture systems at leading, international universities, our team’s combined expertise provides our clients an experience unmatched in the marketplace. Our extensive knowledge of audiovisual systems, media capture, media workflow design, information technology, automation and software systems, let’s us deliver solutions that are seamless and scalable.

Infrastructure Design

Successful technology systems require flexible infrastructure planning to enable long term growth and expansion. We design structured cabling and pathway systems, coordinate electrical and mechanical strategies, and assist out clients in creating innovative and energy efficient environments.

Audiovisual Systems

Audiovisual technology can improve the way we interact, communicate, teach and learn. We believe audiovisual systems should be easy to use, inviting and fun, and most of all should encourage collaboration and productivity. Our focus on user experience ensures every system is simple and inviting.

Workflow Architecture

Today’s media-rich world is producing audio and video content at an exponential rate. We architect intelligent, extensible and customizable media workflows to ingest, process and distribute your content whether you are implementing lecture capture or are managing a production studio.

Unified Design

Our knowledge in audiovisual, control, videoconferencing and telecommunications systems positions us with unique expertise to design leading-edge building automation platforms. By unifying typically disparate systems we offer our clients greater management of their facilities.